Ceremonies And Fees

From the beach to the mountains there are many places to get married here in Australia!


I have performed wedding ceremonies from Melbourne to Port Douglas. Mostly I work around SE Qld.


Some people will opt for a small simple wedding with a couple of witnesses. My fee for this is $350 and covers all legal aspects of the marriage, local travel and ceremony costs.


Other weddings – at a SE Queensland venue with the bridal party, a personalized ceremony and rehearsal – my fee is $450.


Commitment and Naming ceremonies start at $250.


Of course, if I have to travel great distances that will be extra! Nothing else is added on.


You will have to pay the Government for a certified copy of your marriage certificate so that your partner can change their name – if they wants to!


I will explain all you need to do in this regard when I meet you.


Please send me a request on my Contact Page with the details of your ceremony – date, location – and I will get back to you.