‘The wedding ceremony is the start of your special day’


I am an Australian registered Civil Marriage Celebrant located in Whiteside Queensland and my role comes with some extraordinary benefits.


To see a beautiful bride walk down the aisle to join her future partner and commit to living the next part of their lives in marriage is a particularly special moment to witness and share. Such happiness is precious and at a wedding ceremony you experience what it means.

The passing of legislation on 9th December 2017 means that same sex couples can now marry their partner. All people in committed and loving relationships can now share that happiness with their family and friends in a wedding ceremony.


Every wedding is different because every couple is different and that what makes it so rewarding. My role as your celebrant is to make sure you have the best ceremony, whether it is small and intimate with close family and friends or a bigger event.Whatever you choose I will help to make it something that you will remember always.I am an experienced celebrant so you can be confident the ceremony will go well!


Ceremonies – Weddings

The formal part of the ceremony includes the Legal Statement from the Marriage Act (1961) known as the Monitum and also the exchange of prescribed words between bride and groom.

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Dates back to the Roman times, before Christianity, when this ceremony was used to welcome the child into the family and gather friends and family together to offer themselves to act as mentors for the child.

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 Commitments Re-affirmations

The Re- Affirmation or Renewal of Vows ceremony is a celebration of a couple’s marriage after a number of years together and usually on a Wedding Anniversary.

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Bride arrives...

Groom smiles

Ceremony begins and all is well

Vows are made

Rings exchanged - then the kiss!

We're married!

Sample Testimonials

Venue nomination 2017

One of the many beautiful venues in the Moreton Bay Region where you can have your wedding ceremony and reception – North Pine Country Park